Four Habits of Successful Writers


All great writers have habits.

Good habits and bad ones. I am by nature a creature of habit, usually, if I can do something for about a month (maybe 2) then I will do it forever unless someone stops me. So naturally I became very interested in writing habits, and how to form good ones. I’ve spent a lot of time researching to emulate the best practices and make myself a better writer.

Today I am going to list my top 5 for you.

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Writing rants: First Draft Hell


I hate first drafts.

First drafts make me sad.

I hate writing them, I physically have to force myself to sit and type. If I ever lose motivation during a story, it is always at this stage when I’m putting the first words on the page.

The planning stage is great, probably one of my favourite stages. Everything is so fresh and new, I can see everything so clearly, and I know it’s going to be great. I always feel so excited at this point, I can’t wait to get started until I actually try to get started.

Editing is long and laborious, but I love it when a story starts to shape up when it begins to come together. I get just as excited as I am in the planning stage. When the little scribbled story begins to look like a real book, it’s one of the best feelings.

The first draft is like I spit up on the page.

What I see in my head looks nothing like what comes out on my first draft. My first drafts are wooden, cliché, the dialogue is awful, and it is at this point I almost give up on every single project. It takes a lot of effort to get through that wall.

I’m currently working on the first draft for Courage in Silence, a story that I loved while planning and hate now I’m in the first draft.

I really hate first drafts.

Katie Marie wrote a Book. A big one and a couple of little ones. Check them out!

Events: Melksham Comic Con 2014

I’m back, I have returned from the far away land of Wiltshire, and I come with much news!

Comic Con, Interviews and two new short stories!

First of all Comic Con!

Comic Con was awesome! The variety of exhibitors and guests was absolutely astounding. The diversity of what is on offer considering the size of the con is unbelievable. The decision to stretch it over two days was a good one, it allowed an even pace, and gave the con the flexibility to provide so much and keep the relaxed and friendly environment. This was the second time I have had the chance to go to Melksham Comic Con, but my first time as an exhibitor and I have to say that I had more fun as an exhibitor (although cosplaying Harley Quinn last year did rock). I got a small taste of how much work must go into putting a con this great together.


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Grey Wings: Species – Angels

Grey Wings

In this blog, I want to tell you about the creatures you will find in Grey Wings, in particular, the different types of angels.


One of the species we encounter in Grey Wings is the Angels. Angels live in Heaven, Earth and Hell, although more live in Hell now than ever before. Since the Arch Angel Gabriel started banishing First and Second Class Angels for trifling errors in his panic to prevent a second rebellion.

The Fallen Angels who live in Hell have changed a great deal since their days in Heaven, their wings have turned black and some have developed other physical oddities, like Mephistopheles’ horns. But the most fundamental difference is what happens when they become enraged. A Fallen Angel will twist and change until they are as warped outside as they have become inside.

Three classes

In Heaven, there are three classes of Angel, the Arch Angels, First Class Angels, and Second Class Angels.

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Writing Top Tips: 5 ways to make your writing awesome!


Grey WingsIn this blog, I want to talk about general writing tips and share my personal five with you.

Having recently finished editing Grey Wings and moving on to the second draft of Amenti I feel like I’m starting all over again. However, since beginning my edit of Grey Wings I have learned a lot and the next edit will hopefully be faster and more efficient.

This edit I will be looking to make sure I have covered my top five tricks to make a story excellent.

Use your reader’s senses.

I see things, I smell things and I hear things, possibly my readers do also. This is a sure fire way to connect what is happening on your page to your reader! Let your reader experience your story.

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Writing Top Tips: The key to writing characters you fall in love with


In this blog I want to talk about characters, I’ve been doing a lot more reading than writing this month.

Patricia Briggs and Great Characters

In particular, I’ve been reading Patricia Briggs. I love her urban fantasy stories, her Mercy Thomson series is wonderful, but even more so I love her Alpha and Omega stories with Charles and Anna. I love these stories because the characters are wonderful. I instantly fell in love with Anna, she’s in an awful situation when we first meet her, but she never comes across as a victim. She’s alone and afraid and she’s pissed off about it and she has a witty banter in her head that makes me smile despite what’s happening to her. Then we meet Charles. Charles. Is. Awesome. That is the best (and only) word to describe him, awesome.

It made me wonder why do I love these characters so much, what is it about them that makes me look forward to coming home and picking up a book I’ve read a bazillion (yes it is a word and a numerical value) to read again.


I emphasise with Anna, she’s a nice person in an awful situation, but she’s not sitting there moaning (that would be really boring) she’s fighting it in her own way. She’s not strong enough physically, but she has nifty little ways to get a mental one up on those responsible for her situation. I can also relate to her, I understand her motivations and understand them, I can see why she wants what she wants and I root for her. She also has depth, she’s not a two-dimensional character, she has good strengths and bad faults. She is not perfect, she is excruciatingly real.

In conclusion

In conclusion, good characters make good books and empathy makes great characters.

Those are my thoughts on characters, but I’m interested in hearing any of your tips and tricks so please let me know!