Top Easy Tips on Crafting Settings

A couple of weeks ago I spoke about characters that you love, I did so because I was re-reading a favourite book series and re-visiting these characters reminded me how important people are to a story. Of late, however, I have relearned the importance of setting.

Recently, I had a list of jobs I wanted to do in the evenings after work and not one of them has been done, this is because I was in Columbia.

Columbia being the floating/flying city in Bioshock Infinite.

SIDE NOTE: This is an awesome game and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys videogames. Even if shooters are not your thing chances are you will enjoy Bioshock. Shooter games are not my usual style of game, but I love this series both for it’s tragic and captivating stories and it’s mesmerising settings.

I want people to become lost in my worlds, just as I became lost in Columbia.

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