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Man in winter

What happens when the one you love keeps telling you they were murdered.

Synopsis: Arthur’s wife was killed two years ago, but she won’t leave him alone until he finds who did it. However, investigating is proving difficult after his doctors diagnose Arthur with early onset dementia.


Copy of Autumn (2)

A fantasy story about how no matter what your species being a single mum is never easy.

Synopsis: Being a single mum in London was never so hard! As a ghoul, Mya and her kin are feared and hunted throughout the world. Brought to the point of extinction Mya has brought her people hope and managed the almost impossible. Despite her species apparent sterility, she has successfully carried a child.

But for Mya carrying her son was the easy part. Now she must raise him to survive in a world that will kill him if they so much as realise he is there.


Copy of Autumn (4)

When a Missing girl returns home no one is happy to see her.

Synopsis: When Bri disappeared from the small town of Westlake everyone thought she was dead. But now, after ten long years, she’s back. However, far from an exuberant welcome, only Matilda seems to be happy to have her best friend back.


Copy of Autumn (12)

When cancer isn’t the worst thing that happens to you.

Synopsis: When the doctors give Sophie horrifying news she is worried her life as she knows it is over. But once on the ward, she discovers that illness is not the only thing destroying lives at the hospital.


Copy of Autumn (13)

Even after death love keeps us here.

Synopsis: The Grey House holds a terrible secret.

When Nel and her mother are forced to move neither of them, realise that it will be the worse decision they could have ever made.

When Nel is murdered, she thought that was the worst thing that could happen to her but soon realises that is far from the truth. She isn’t alone, there is something else in the Grey House, and for it, Nel’s death was only the beginning.


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