3 Things I do Before Hitting Publish on a Blog

3 things i do before every blog post1


Submission Checklist

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This year I’m going to submit more of my short stories to magazines, websites, and blogs. you name it if they accept my genre then I want to find and submit to them.

Obviously, it is my goal to have as many of those submissions accepted as possible, with that in mind I’ve been researching the best ways to go about that and have created my own little checklist, which I want to share with you below.

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Why I Write

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Back in October 2016 I was lucky enough to write a guest post on the wonderful blog of Kathy Cecala! A fantastic blog full of wit, wisdom and humour.

I think that it is safe to say that today there are more writers than at any other time in history. Between free blogging sites, and self-publishing sites it seems that you can’t swing a cat these days without hitting a writer of some kind and that is wonderful.

The sharing of ideas and opinions helps us all grow as people and as a society. Whether you write stories, opinion pieces or factual ‘how to’ manuals there has never been a better time to get your words out to such a wide and varied audience.

The only thing that hasn’t gotten easier has been finding motivation or inclination to write.

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Why I love Writers Groups

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It’s certainly been a mad four months! Between tearing down and rebuilding the websites for my fiction and nonfiction writing, moving to a new house, visiting family, Halloween (busy time for us horror writers!), the release of Amenti, tearing down and rebuilding the nonfiction website AGAIN, and the day to day humdrum and drama of regular working life I’ve hardly had a moment to think.

I am exhausted. My brain has turned into some kind of porridge monster and refused to do more than occasionally go ‘gloop’.

It is at times like these that I am truly grateful for many pillars of support in my life. Family, Friends, and writer’s groups.

Today I would like to talk about one of those pillars of support, that being Writers groups.

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Five Habits of Successful Writers

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Something all of us have in common is that we all have habits.

Human beings are, by and large, creatures of habit and routine. We routinely wake up at the same time every day, even without an alarm clock. We eat at similar times each day, and we carry out the same sort of activities day in and day out.

Now that might sound depressing, at least to some of us, but it needn’t be.  By performing the same sort of tasks multiple times, you will notice that you become better and better at said tasks and we can manipulate this by building habits for the tasks we want to become better at.

I’ve spent a lot of time over the last few years researching how to build good writing habits. I’ve come across some great habits and some …less great habits. I’ve decided to share the five habits that I believe have been the most useful to me in improving my writing.

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Is there a limit to what we can talk about?

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Despite the interval in my updates, (caused by a recent house move followed immediately by a holiday, then coming back to find the house had not magically sorted itself out) I love blogging.

It is my favorite way to reach out to people either through finding their blogs and commenting there or responding to comments on my blog. It is a unique way to communicate with people online and has many advantages over other kinds of social media.

You can say more in a blog than you can on Facebook or Twitter, you don’t need to be photogenic or have a good eye the way you do with Instagram, and you don’t need to have recording equipment/software the way you do with YouTube.

Blogging allows you to mix text, images, and video all in one place and speak to people on different levels. You can say so much more with a blog, and I’m still learning about all the different ways you can use a blog to connect with people.

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