Four Habits of Successful Writers


All great writers have habits.

Good habits and bad ones. I am by nature a creature of habit, usually, if I can do something for about a month (maybe 2) then I will do it forever unless someone stops me. So naturally I became very interested in writing habits, and how to form good ones. I’ve spent a lot of time researching to emulate the best practices and make myself a better writer.

Today I am going to list my top 5 for you.

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3 things to do before hitting publish on a Facebook post

facebook_icon_400x400There are several types of Facebook posters.

There are those who post once and never again, those who post excessively about every little thing, and those who post intermittently. There are the over-sharers, the sellers and the meme lovers.

But there’s more to writing a good Facebook post than frequency or style and it takes time to learn what will work for you and for your readers.

Below are my top three points to consider before posting something to Facebook.

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Mythbusting! 5 Writing Myths.


I’ve been writing since I was in college, well earlier really but college was when I started writing regularly and sending out my writing for others to read.

In the time since I was 16 up to today, I have learned a lot about writing, I’m still learning now and I am excited to look back on myself in the future to see how far I have come since today. There is always more to learn, always more practice to be done and it makes me very happy to know that I will never stop improving. I feel very optimistic when I think about writing in this way.

We are all learning and that learning is very objective. What works for me may not work for you, a ‘writing myth’ to you may be true for me. Today I would like to discuss some of the more common myths that when I read them as a teenager I believed but have now learned are not true, at least not for me.

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How to Craft Settings: The Reader Experience


Today I want to discuss settings, in particular how to create them. There are many tools at hand when crafting settings, the visual description being only one of them.

When bringing the city to life in Grey Wings, I didn’t want to rely too heavily on visual description. We have more senses than just sight, and when used in tandem, the setting gains depth and reality.


How Readers Experience Your Settings

Readers will experience your settings through your characters, and your characters (maybe) will have the use of all their senses. If you rely too heavily on visual description alone, then you are potentially ignoring several resources available to you via your characters.

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Writing habits and how to form them.

Writing is a fickle beast.
Sometimes it comes easy, sometimes it does not. We can go for significant stretches of time with little or nothing to show for it. The blank page mocks us cruelly. Then there are periods of great abundance where sleep becomes something other people do because the ideas won’t leave us alone. Rarely is there a happy middle ground.

computer-on-desk-5But that doesn’t stop us from trying, and you can create that fabled middle ground. You can train yourself to do almost anything.
Human beings are (generally) creatures of habit so why not make ourselves creatures of writing habit. Creating a habit helps you squeeze into the headspace for any particular task more easily. Setting yourself a nighttime routine will help you fall asleep sooner (usually), setting a morning routine will help you get to work on time, setting a writing habit will help you write each and every day.

Creating a daily writing practice really helps, it took a while to settle in (apparently it takes at least 21 days to form a habit that will stick), but now that it’s there I find it easier and simpler to write at certain times of the day. Once I trigger my brain through the little rituals I’ve built up, it automatically shifts into writing mode.

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