Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter

Please forgive the delay in posting this, today is my first day out of bed since Wednesday night (torticollis flare up, yay).


Amenti is avalible for sale!


An epic tale of mystery, murder and monsters, told by Bobtail, who happens to be, among other things, a cat

Bobtail is moving house, again. But amongst the usual worries of finding his litter tray and hoping the local store has his food, Bobtail quickly discovers his new home is harbouring some dangerous secrets. Secrets that put his life in danger when they lead to Bobtail becoming the prime suspect for a recent stint of murders.

Only a day into his new home and Bobtail finds himself embroiled in a twisted plot that spans the centuries and will affect both man and cat alike.

Check out Chapters One and Four FREE!

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Re-release & New Covers!

Two anthologies I contributed to a few years back have now been re-released with shiny new covers!

Mullins Collection of Best New Horror £0.99

mullens-new-horrorHorror. The stories that keep you awake at night. The tales that have you checking underneath the bed. Or wondering whether that really is just a shadow in the corner of the room. In this collection, you will find stories from four of the best new horror writers, all guaranteed to instil a feeling of dread deep into your bones as your shaking fingers struggle to turn the page. A dark secret is revealed in My Natalie, a tale of vengeful love. A home with a hidden past threatens to destroy a young family in The House. The restless spirit of a young girl has to deliver an important message in Phantom Memory. Finally, thrill-seeking Melanie gets more than she bargained for as she explores the mysterious festival in The Secrets of Hidden Places. Ladies and gentlemen, the horror awaits.

This collection of short stories contains work from four authors, showcasing their best new works of horror fiction.

Mullins Collection of Best New Fiction Free!

mullens-new-fictionThis collection of short stories contains work from nine authors, showcasing their best new works of fiction. This book includes stories of crime, adventure, and horror, some comedy to make you laugh and a touch of the supernatural to leave you sleeping with the light on. Whatever your tastes, this book holds a new favourite story for everyone. Travel between these distinctive worlds bound together by one all-encompassing weave of storytelling.

Experience the mystery and excitement of exploring a world populated with creatures unlike any you have ever seen, ghouls that feed in the darkness of the London underground in The Orphaned City and the strange patient who stalks the halls of a mental asylum in Inferiority Complex. Then discover worlds where humans themselves are the most curious species of all, the charming smile of the mysterious Jack in Knowing Jack and the devious mind of Red in The Path I Set Upon.

Will the next story scare you, or make you think differently about the world? Will it spark into life a new idea, the kind that Jake develops from an overheard conversation in Dreamworld? Or question our very existence, like the revelations of Professor Westerham in Reflection. It might even lead to a dangerous hunt for untold riches, which Ryan experiences in The Hassam Legacy.

Marvel at the strength of Helen after dealing with death in Coming of Age. Feel the icy terror that claws at Meg when she hears her parrot speak in Scared to Death. Each story hides a secret, a twist that awaits discovery by an adventurous reader. Come and share our worlds.

Katie Marie wrote a Book. A big one and a couple of little ones. Check them out!