Grey Wings – Free Chapter


Grey Wings

Chapter Fourteen

They left the hospital car park together and emerged on the cold, dark streets of the city. The wind lifted the Angel’s coat and pulled loose a flurry of feathers from his wings, scattering them over the pavement. Jason picked one up and frowned at its colouring – white, mottled with black.

“Are you sick?” Jason eventually asked as they turned down a street. The Angel ignored him.

“It’s just that, well, your wings are…”

“I know what my wings are doing,” Aurelius barked, turning to glare, “and it’s your entire fault.”

“My fault?” Jason frowned, “what did I do?”

“Yes, it’s your fault. If only you and the rest of your miserable species could just look after yourselves!” Aurelius said, digging his delicate fingers into his short, blond curls, pulling at his hair as he continued to rant.

“But no, you need a chaperone for every little thing that you do. None of you can do anything for yourselves. Then, when you make mistakes, it’s your Guardian’s fault. And, more importantly, it’s your Guardians’ who are punished, your Guardians’ who are cast down – all for trifling errors, while you and yours commit atrocious sins, and remain unpunished.”

“You’ve got a lot of anger for a Guardian Angel,” Jason smiled.

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Grey Wings Character Study: Mephistopheles


Grey Wings

We’ve looked at a few of the different characters in Grey Wings, those who dwell in Heaven and those who live on the Earth. But we haven’t looked at the denizens of Hell.

One of the main antagonists (although I am loathed to label him a ‘bad guy’) is also one of my favourite characters, he was almost as fun to write as Aurelius. I’m talking, of course, about Mephistopheles. He is an interesting character as categorising him is difficult. He’s neither good or bad, he’s selfish perhaps but certainly not ‘evil’. But he certainly isn’t a good guy either! Mephistopheles is a fallen angel bent on bringing another angel to Hell and is willing to kill Jason, a young boy, to accomplish this.

Mephistopheles was designed to be a ‘grey’ character, playing solidly into the themes of the book of morality and how real life is far more complicated than the dichotomy of good v evil.

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Character Study: Aurelius

Grey Wings Cover

Aurelius was my first ever main character.

He was originally meant to be the protagonist of the story Grey Wings, but early on Jason overtook him. This was in part due to Jason’s easy going nature despite his tragic situation and easy way he seemed to connect with my readers.

Despite falling into second place, Aurelius was still my personal favourite character to write, all of his scenes were fun. I have an enormous soft spot for grumpy b*****ds especially the petulant ones and Aurelius fits right into that box as if it were made for him.

Aurelius is an angel; he starts the novel living in Heaven. He loves his home and is disgruntled to see humans changing it to suit themselves (installing plug sockets and wifi). He is a firm believer in the old ways are best and fights back in his own petty way (disrupting the technicians). His pettiness was not an accident, in Grey Wings version of Heaven angels are being cast down for minor infractions and Aurelius is well aware of this. He lashes out at the world around him in a way that won’t get him banished (but it ends up doing exactly that) but lets him voice his complaints.

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Grey Wings: Creatures: Earth Lord

Grey Wings Cover

In Grey Wings we explore Heaven, Hell and Earth. We meet the inhabitants of these different realms and explore their worlds.

During our time in the world of men we learn that there is much more here than meets the eye and that while men may think they’re alone there is much out there that they do not know. There is magic in the alleyways and legends living on the rooftops and in the sewers. We encounter several mythical creatures, from forgotten fairies to conjuring witches, but one of the most prominent creatures we encounter is the Earth Lord.

But what is the Earth Lord

The Earth Lord is a creature that was originally inspired by elemental trolls in popular culture. He is a large, strong creature, composed of stone, earth and plant life. He resembles a gorilla in stature, although he dwarfs them in size. He rules over the rag-tag group of creatures that have retreated from the surface into the sewers, fleeing man-kind’s destruction of their homes and habitat.

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Grey Wings: Chapter Two

Grey Wings Cover

Today would always be remembered as the day Aurelius fell from Heaven.

Aurelius, who had spent his entire life amongst the clouds, would remember it as the day he was pushed, kicking, screaming and cursing from Heaven. It would be the day when everything would change. A monumental day which started as monumental days often do, very quietly.

The entrance to Heaven was still, the only sound as whisks of warm cloud rolled over the soft, light coloured wood floors was the faint resonance of the Heavenly Chorus.  The gold railings that make up Heaven’s Gate are taller and more ornate than any structure built by man. In front of the Gate Saint Peter’s podium towers above any who stand before it. On a normal day the calm face of Saint Peter would look down and smile upon those who wished to enter Heaven. But today a different face looked down with irritation on those who come before Heaven’s Gate.

“Is there something wrong?” The woman who stood in front of the podium was fidgeting as one of the last remaining Angels in Heaven read her life story. She looked down when he paused in his reading to glare at her. He was smaller than a grown man, looking more like a teenage boy. He was delicately built with small wrists and dainty hands, a mop of blond curls fell to his shoulders and into his face. Great white wings arch from his shoulders, his name is Aurelius and he is glorious despite his foul mood.

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Grey Wings: Species – Angels

Grey Wings Cover

In this blog, I want to tell you about the creatures you will find in Grey Wings, in particular, the different types of angels.


One of the species we encounter in Grey Wings is the Angels. Angels live in Heaven, Earth and Hell, although more live in Hell now than ever before. Since the Arch Angel Gabriel started banishing First and Second Class Angels for trifling errors in his panic to prevent a second rebellion.

The Fallen Angels who live in Hell have changed a great deal since their days in Heaven, their wings have turned black and some have developed other physical oddities, like Mephistopheles’ horns. But the most fundamental difference is what happens when they become enraged. A Fallen Angel will twist and change until they are as warped outside as they have become inside.

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GREY WINGS: Grey Wings has been released!

New Grey Wings Cover

Grey Wings is now officially released!

You can’t see me, but I’m totally doing a happy dance.


Jason is stranded in a dark city and is in desperate need of help when he has no idea how he will get home.

So, when he collides with Aurelius, an Angel only in the mildest sense of the word – who has committed a crime worthy of great punishment, but has been handed a rare chance at redemption – Jason can see a way home.

However, their journey will be hampered by Fallen Angels, Earth Spirits, and Griffons – and none can say if everyone will make it home.

Preview the story here and see the characters here.

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