Grey Wings



Published by Dream State Drive Publishing

Jason is stranded in a dark city in desperate need of help. So, when he collides with Aurelius, an Angel who has committed a crime worthy of great punishment, Jason sees in him a way home and Aurelius sees a rare chance at redemption.

However, their journey will be hampered by Fallen Angels, Earth Spirits, and Griffons – and no one can say if they will make it home.

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Chapter Fourteen

They left the hospital car park together and emerged on the cold, dark streets of the city. The wind lifted the Angel’s coat and pulled loose a flurry of feathers from his wings, scattering them over the pavement. Jason picked one up and frowned at its colouring – white, mottled with black.

“Are you sick?” Jason eventually asked as they turned down a street. The Angel ignored him.

“It’s just that, well, your wings are…”

“I know what my wings are doing,” Aurelius barked, turning to glare, “and it’s your entire fault.”

“My fault?” Jason frowned, “what did I do?”

“Yes, it’s your fault. If only you and the rest of your miserable species could just look after yourselves!” Aurelius said, digging his delicate fingers into his short, blond curls, pulling at his hair as he continued to rant.

“But no, you need a chaperone for every little thing that you do. None of you can do anything for yourselves. Then, when you make mistakes, it’s your Guardian’s fault. And, more importantly, it’s your Guardians’ who are punished, your Guardians’ who are cast down – all for trifling errors, while you and yours commit atrocious sins, and remain unpunished.”

“You’ve got a lot of anger for a Guardian Angel,” Jason smiled.

“So I’ve been told, wait, what? What did you call me?” Aurelius turned to glare at him.

Jason backed away a couple of steps.

“A Guardian Angel,” Jason breathed, watching the anger in Aurelius grow.

“The Hell I am. I am no Mortal’s babysitter. I am of a higher ilk, and you will leave me,” Aurelius ordered.

“You have to be. Why else would you have come to me now?”

“I do not have to be anything, and you following me is a mere coincidence. I did not go out of my way to find you,” Aurelius huffed.

Halting in their exchange, a short, dumpy woman with a Labrador strode past the pair. The dog bounded up to Aurelius and barked a greeting.

“Not again!” Aurelius seethed, kicking threateningly at it.

“Don’t boot it!” snapped Jason, then, turning to the woman, said, “I’m sorry, miss, he’s having a bad day.”
The woman frowned, but kept walking, pulling the dog to heel, “the youth of today,” she moaned.

“Odd,” Jason muttered, turning back to Aurelius who continued in his stride. “Look, you have to be my Guardian. I’m stuck in this city. My Aunt lives out in the countryside, and my dad bailed on me. I need to get out.”
Aurelius paced himself faster, forcing Jason to jog to keep up. “I have no money, no tickets, no one with a car. Nothing. I need help.”

“Don’t you ever stop talking?” Aurelius snapped.

Jason sighed and kept up his jog.

They carried on in silence for a time, turning corners at odd intervals. Jason listened to the wet slaps of their feet on the wet pavement and avoided half-frozen piles of garbage on street corners. Every other street lamp was either dead or dying, leaving this part of the city covered in shadow.

Jason picked up his pace to draw even with Aurelius, whom breathed hard and rubbernecked around each corner. Jason tightened his grip on the feather in his hand. He risked a glance at it to see that it had become completely black. He frowned, and then looked at the hyperventilating Angel.

“Why are they black?” he said, holding up the feather.

Aurelius sighed, closed his eyes, and slowed his pace a little.

“I was judged, and have been found wanting,” his voice cracked as he spoke, “I have been lost, and soon, my place will be decided by the colour of my wings.”

“What are you talking about? Angels aren’t judged, they belong in Heaven,” Jason stated.

Aurelius said nothing. Instead, he wrapped his arms around himself and started to shiver.

“You’re shaking,” Jason calmly remarked, despite the clenching in his stomach.

“I’m cold,” Aurelius growled, muttering a sharp curse at the wind. “I’ve never been cold before.”

“You need to stop swearing,” Jason replied, “we need to find somewhere out of the wind.” He turned in a small circle, staring wildly. “Come on, I know where we can go.”

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A great story with a gripping plot. The characters are unique in their own way and quite easy to relate to. There is some good humour through the book, which makes it a good read. The angels all have their own characters in the book, giving a nice sense of diversity as they think and act in their own ways, and its nice to see Aurelius adapting through the story as his perceptions change, but still keeping in tone with his character despite this’d. Overall a well written story, and I look forward to more by this author. – Eikothewerewolf


There is an overwhelming amount of self-published work on Amazon these days, but few of them display the creativity, originality and personality of Grey Wings. There is a natural charm to the book that makes it hard not to love. In my opinion, there’s no real reason not to give it a try, and fresh new authors like this should always be encouraged. Give it a go!Paul Sherlock


Grey Wings is a book that is clearly suitable for both adults and children. As you can guess from the synopsis, the story follows in the footsteps of a young boy named Jason – and that of an Angel called Aurelius.

The Angels, Fallen Angels, and Daemons are unique in each their aspects – However, Grey Wings avoids the stereotyping you would suspect involving these angelic or daemonic beings. Katie paints them in a new light, and I welcomed her creative and comedic take on all the characters. Throw your preconceptions away – that is a must!

I don’t want to spoil anything for the readers, but I can certainly say that if you’re into angels, daemons, and magic, this book has it! I was quite surprised with the level of detail, and the story itself is contemporary and has in it transitions experienced by the characters because of humanity’s ever-growing technology on earth – this is duly felt by Aurelius, whom despises such things.

I have re-read this story several times now – and I even own the paperback!
Do yourself a favour and give this book a read. I promise you will not regret such a great fantasy! fullmetalelf

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