Real World Horror: The Villisca Axe Murder House

Real World Horror

Today in real-world horror we are going to talk about the Villisca Axe Murder House, sounds cheerful huh?

If the name wasn’t a dead giveaway, this house was the site of a gruesome and unsolved murder. The crime was brutal and unexplained,

In June of 1912, the Moore family lived in the house. They were, by all accounts a pleasant and unassuming family, made up of the two parents and four children. On the night of the attack, two of the children’s friends were staying at the house. As far as anyone else is aware it was a normal evening, no one suspected anything.

However, the following morning the neighbour noticed the house was very quiet, she hadn’t seen the family up and about for the morning chores, the chickens remained unfed. She went over to make sure everything was alright and when she received no answer at the door she called a relative of the Moores.

Upon arriving and entering the house it was discovered that the entire family had been murdered.

After an examination, it was found that the family and their guests had been killed by cuts and bludgeoning wounds from an axe which was found in the guest bedroom.

Several suspects were questioned but ultimately the case has never been solved.

Since that day the house has been a haven of paranormal activity, mostly children crying and voices from empty rooms. But objects have also been known to move and visiting psychics have claimed to detect the presence of pain filled spirits.

What do you think? Haunted house? or people trying to explain a tragic event?


CreepyPasta: Ben Drowned


This is the second instalment in a series of blogs discussing popular CreepyPasta stories.

For those of you that missed the first instalment, Creepy Pasta is the modern equivalent of urban legends, spread through the internet and springing from the phrase copypasta. It’s a mixed bag and can incorporate many ways of storytelling, from found footage to urban legends from ghost stories and scientific journals.  Effectively they are modern-day campfire stories, only instead of hearing them by firelight you read or listen to them via the light of your screen.

Today’s Creepy Pasta is perhaps one of the most well-known stories, Ben Drowned.

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Oversimplified SCP

A bit of Fun

Today I want to share something a bit fun with you.

I talk a lot about how Horror is a flexible genre, lending itself to novels, comics, games, and films. I’ve also talked at length before about how the internet has created an awesome new outlet for horror in the form of Creepypastas, like digital urban legends or campfire stories for the modern age.

One of my favourite spooky things the internet has created is the SCP Foundation.

For those who don’t know the SCP Foundation is an online creative writing project with hundreds of contributors. It borrows from Horror, Sci-fi and Fantasy (probably why I love it so much) and tells the story (in the form of reports, interviews, logs etc) of the SCP Foundation, SCP standing for Secure, Contain, Protect. The Foundation Secures and Contains individuals, entities, locations, and objects that have anomalous properties E.G: they are bloody strange or cause strange/supernatural/unexplained things to happen when you encounter them.

Some SCP’s are funny, some are sad, some are interesting and some are downright terrifying. It’s absolutely marvellous and if you’ve not experienced it yet, I strongly recommend you do.

That being said, it can be a tricky universe to break into, as there’s an awful lot of it and it’s hard to know where to begin.

But never fear, for I have come today with a wonderful little gem.

A manga knows as Oversimplified SCP, it’s adorable even when it’s telling the story of The Shy guy (not something I thought possible before).

This is a great way to experience the SCP universe for the first time (or the millionth time) as it gives a little taster in an easily digestible format.

Go on, give it a go!

Real World Horror: The Haunted Cane

Real World Horror

Last week I made a decision.

I decided that as I was enjoying the increased posting schedule for this blog that I would increase it further. Lol, who needs sleep!

However, I wanted to try something a bit different. The majority of my blogs are about writing, in particular, writing horror. Although, I do talk regularly about consuming horror in its many forms and mediums, such as through the internet in the form of Creepypastas and through video games and films.

I have decided as I said above to try something a bit different on Saturdays. Being that I am deeply attached to most things ghoulish and creepy I decided to implement this into my blog more by talking each and every Saturday about horror in the real world. I will be covering topics such as Haunted objects, creepy places and ancient creepy folk stories that might just be true (or that people thought were true at some point or another).

So, prepare for Real-World Horror Saturdays!

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Writing Fantasy


As well as reading, watching, playing and writing horror, I also enjoy the fantasy genre. I’ve discussed a few of the clichés that turn up in fantasy previously so I won’t rehash them here, instead today what I would like to talk about are some positive things you can do to make your fantasy story your own. Tips and tricks, you can employ to make your writing stand out.

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Books to Film: Carrie


I’m sure you’ve all heard the phrase “the book was better than the film,” it’s a common complaint and one that most people expect. But as I’ve said before in this series, books and films are very different mediums, a book has far longer than a film to capture the reader’s attention and can easily divulge far more detail than a film is able to. Although films can visually show an audience a lot more than a book can. One scene in a movie can take an author paragraphs or pages to create

As mentioned previously, this blog series isn’t about which is better, books or films as personally, I find it unfair to compare the two. They are too different for any comparison to be fair. Rather this series will look at the key differences (not all differences) in the story when it makes the transition from book to film and let you decide if you think those changes are for better or worse.

It should go without saying, but like before, I’ll say it anyway just for clarity sake. There will be spoilers abound, so if you’d rather not have the book or film spoiled then I recommend giving this a miss until you’ve seen or read it yourself.

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Top 3 Tools All Writers Should Use.


There is an abundance of writing tools available, so much so that it can be very difficult to ascertain which ones you should investigate.

There are far too many to cover fairly in just one blog, so to narrow it down I am going to make this blog about tools to enhance your writing craft. There will be no tools here to improve your marketing skills, cover design etc this blog will focus on the actual words you write and how to make them better.

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Video Games: Amnesia The Dark Descent


Video games are a wonderful media for horror!

They are immersive and engaging, much more so than films and television shows which are passive. They are like books in that they have much more time to tell a great story, more time to build tension. But they surpass books in that you have much more freedom in video games, when reading a book you are following a character through their story, sometimes you might be doing so from inside the character’s mind but still you are a passive follower. In a videogame you are the main character, you might have a linear story to follow but it’s you that this is happening to.

I love how video games really get you involved in the environment and story around you. I will always remember one of my earliest exposure to horror in video game format, it was Silent Hill and I immediately felt more afraid than I ever had watching a film or even reading a book. It took me forever to complete the damn thing because I had to keep stopping and wander off to do something else to reassert to my brain that I wasn’t really that character. It was brilliant!

So in light of my love for the genre and this medium, I plan on writing an entire series about horror in video games. I will be discussing some popular entries in the genre and explaining why they are awesome!

Today’s entry is Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

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Review: IT


Any of you who have followed this blog for a while now will probably have picked up on the fact that I really enjoy Stephen King. I like the way he writes people, the way he builds tension and the atmosphere in his stories. Sometimes his endings don’t quite deliver after the build-up but regardless I love his stories and nothing will ever change that.

Today I want to talk about IT.

With the second part of the remake out this year, I thought it a perfect time to talk about the story which fostered in me (and a lot of others) a terrible fear of clowns.

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