Snippet Stories: Ink

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The Fairy was watching a mortal be tattooed.

The method was very different to how they did it in the Realms. The results were different as well; these men had the ink sit lifelessly in their skin. In the Realms, a tattoo was much more than a drawing. It was a life form in your skin, sentient and independent.

Adrian had a lunar moth done when he was 28. He had asked for it on the shoulder, but now 372 years later it mostly dwelt on his hip. It often crawled, tiny feet biting into his skin and bone, but it was not painful. Now that he was conscious of it and he could feel it twitching. It seemed it could feel his focus on it and it moved around to crouch on his left buttock, hiding from his attention.

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Top 5 Horror Books!


As you may or may not have (depending on if you’ve read my last few blogs) noticed, I’m on a crusade to cut down the amount of time I spend in front of computer/laptop/phone screens working. This has had a lovely side effect of pushing me back towards some of my older hobbies, drawing/painting, photography and reading.

I’ve been re-reading some old favourites and today I want to share with you my top five horror stories. Some spoilers below so make sure you are careful if you don’t want certain stories spoiled for you. I have done my very best to keep spoilers to a minimum though and have put warnings throughout.

So without further delay and in no particular order…

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Fitness Trackers

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Early last month I wrote a blog about taking care of yourself and today I want to revisit that point.

In my last blog, I discussed mental health and the importance of making time for you. I also took my own advice and have set aside the few hours after dinner to be work-screen free times, this means no phones and no laptops. Television is still ok in my book, like watching films and box sets is fun and relaxing, bonus if it’s something creepy.

Today, I want to talk more about physical health. Writers, along with many other professions, tend to be sedentary, let’s face it we sit at a desk 90% of the time. Aside from occasional forays out into the world for research purposes a lot of us sit inside, hunched over a desk tapping away until someone shakes us away from our work. Meals can easily become hastily prepared ready-made mush, snacks can be devoured without thought and in excessive amounts and all while we’re sitting on our backsides (which incidentally become nice and cushioned after maximum snacks).

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The internet is a Marvellous Thing

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As someone who was born before the internet was I have an interesting, though hardly unique, perspective of knowing what life was like before and after the rise of the internet and, as I just said, I personally believe the internet is a marvellous thing.

We are more connected to each other now than we ever have been before, we have ready access to information that before would have been a nightmare to obtain if it was possible at all. We can expand ourselves and explore new ideas and experiences that we might never have tried if we had to carry out the task physically (I’m shy and asking Google and watching an instructional video is waaaay less stressful than finding and asking an expert in person).

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Taking Care of Yourself

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I’ve been super focused recently, for the last six/seven months anyway, you may have noticed. This has been deliberate, I’ve been trying to ramble less and talk more about the topics this blog is supposed to be about, mainly writing, in particular, writing horror, but also a little about marketing, my appreciation for horror in all its mediums and the difficulties involved in getting your writing to a good standard and getting it out in front of people.

Today I’m going to deviate from that. Why? Because I’d like to talk about something else.

Life isn’t made up of just one thing and while narrowing it down can help us focus, it can also mean missed opportunities.

Today I want to talk a little about taking care of ourselves. I’d like to start by stressing that I am not the authority on this, to be frank, I’m absolutely awful at it. But that’s why I want to talk about it, I have first-hand experience of what happens when you screw this up.

Spoilers, it isn’t good.

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Worst Advice: Settings

Worst Advice

I have said before, many times, is that one of my favorite things about writing is that you’re always learning something new. Even those of us who have been writing for decades still tell me that between reading other people’s work, courses, blogs, and writing groups they still learn something new regularly.

As I said in my previous blogs, Worst Advice on Characters & plot, I was looking to start a short series of blogs regarding the worst advice I have come across online for writers. While writing is very subjective, and it is rare to come across properly bad advice it is not unheard of. Thus, today I have been gifted with the opportunity to write number three in the Worst Advice Series and share with you the three worst things I’ve been told to do to craft a good setting.

The setting is extremely important in a story, it is after all the foundation, or stage, on which your story will take place. You should invest time into crafting it. Sadly not all advice supports tactics for creating a great setting, here are some of my favorites.

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Books v Film: Pet Cemetary


As you will have no doubt picked up if you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, I love horror, and one of my all-time favorite horror writers is Stephen King. He’s well known (understatement) for his creepy story’s and chilling tales, as well as his own little tropes and habits, one of which is that his books do not always transfer to film particularly well.

A film will never hold up to a book and that’s not necessarily the film’s fault. You can do things with a book that you simply can’t do with a film. Books are more immersive, they employ the reader’s imagination, all their senses and they are a lot longer than films. There’s a reason the Lord of the Rings was three epic films long (and still had a load of stuff cut), the book was huge.

There are those of us out there who will prefer films to books, and it saddens me a little that they might miss out on key parts of a story, that while they might not be plot critical, they will add a layer of depth that the film misses.

So today I’m going to look at one of my favorite books that were made into a film (which is also high on my favorites list) and talk about what was cut, what was added and which I think is superior.

Pet Cemetery

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