Writers Block

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Bit of a personal blog today.

For the first time in my writing life I’m hitting a real block.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had writers block before, at least the kind of writer’s block where I sit down of an evening and can’t churn out the words. But this block is different, I am well able to sit here and churn out words, this blog wouldn’t exist otherwise. I’m also having very little trouble writing my non-fiction articles.

This block seems to be entirely related to fiction.

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Is there a limit to what we can talk about?

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Despite the interval in my updates, (caused by a recent house move followed immediately by a holiday, then coming back to find the house had not magically sorted itself out) I love blogging.

It is my favorite way to reach out to people either through finding their blogs and commenting there or responding to comments on my blog. It is a unique way to communicate with people online and has many advantages over other kinds of social media.

You can say more in a blog than you can on Facebook or Twitter, you don’t need to be photogenic or have a good eye the way you do with Instagram, and you don’t need to have recording equipment/software the way you do with YouTube.

Blogging allows you to mix text, images, and video all in one place and speak to people on different levels. You can say so much more with a blog, and I’m still learning about all the different ways you can use a blog to connect with people.

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Amenti Chapter Four

cover final-page-001Bobtail watched as the cats around him lowered their heads and arched their backs. The scent of their anger hung heavy around them, but stronger even than their anger was the scent of their fear. They were terrified.

“I’m not a murderer,” Bobtail said as firmly as he could.

“I don’t like how you smell, stranger,” the big tom said, trailing his claws through the dirt.

“I don’t think it’s my smell that you should be worried about,” Bobtail said trying to focus on the tom speaking to him and ignore the others.

“You reek of Hell,” the big tom said.

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Unexpected Absence

I’ve been gone for the majority of August!

While there was some time off planned for August (for me to spend time visiting my family in the west country), it was not supposed to be quite as much as it turned out being.

I feel like I’ve been gone a full month when in reality it’s not even been a full three weeks, but so much has happened!

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Amenti Now Avalible for Pre-Order!

I’m utterly thrilled to announce that Amenti is now available for Pre-Order!

Coming November 2017


An epic tale of mystery, murder and monsters, told by Bobtail, who happens to be, among other things, a cat

cover final-page-001

Bobtail is moving house, again. But amongst the usual worries of finding his litter tray and hoping the local store has his food, Bobtail quickly discovers his new home is harbouring some dangerous secrets. Secrets that put his life in danger when they lead to Bobtail becoming the prime suspect for a recent stint of murders.

Only a day into his new home and Bobtail finds himself embroiled in a twisted plot that spans the centuries and will affect both man and cat alike.


UK                USA

Secrets of Hidden Places

the secrets of hidden places cover

Secrets of hidden Places

The Festival was held in the dying days of summer.

The personality of the Island changed during the Festival, opening the gates for all things to pass. All women were beautiful, and all men were prosperous. It was a time for magic. People found long lost brothers, great treasures and made dangerous promises. Not all who saw it start would see it end.

Melanie took a deep breath through her mouth to avoid smelling the rank stench of the water and almost choked when she tasted it instead. The boat tipped on the grey water, leaning as if to capsize before rolling back. Hanging over the railing Melanie spat out the bile that rose up. When she was confident that the sour taste and the burn in her throat were all that remained she leant back. The wind blew multi-coloured hair into her eyes and worked its way down her back, raising goosebumps. She pulled her artistically ripped leather jacket tighter around herself. It was big enough to fit around her and then some; it had belonged to her father before he had died and was nearly as old as she was. She pulled it up and buried her nose in its sweet smell of leather, perfume and an unknown scent that Melanie was confident was her dad. Her pocket buzzed. She reached in, felt the sweet wrappers and change for her phone, knowing full well who the message was from.

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Writing Myths

Copy of Autumn (10)

I’ve been writing since I was old enough (and had enough motor control) to hold a pen.

Even when a tiny tot I was always telling stories, usually about the adventures my cuddly toys had when no one was around. As I grew older, I told stories about the neighbourhood cats and the family of wood pigeons that lived at the bottom of the garden. Then, as I grew older, still my stories became about my favourite TV show & video game characters, with a few of my own creations thrown in.

Why am I telling you this? Only to illustrate the point that I have been telling stories and writing them down since I was an infant. My mum still has my very first official book “Jack Cat’s Magic Show,” safely stored with the family photos.

But it was in college when I hit my late teens that I started actually taking writing seriously and sending my stories out into the world. I also started trying to learn as much as I could about writing, how to get better at it, what not to do and how to market myself. Unfortunately, in my early years, I absorbed every scrap of information blindly and as a result believed a lot of myths I now know to be false.

Today’s blog is going to be about some of these myths. I would like to dispel them as in my opinion they can be harmful if believed.

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