Grey Wings: Creatures: Earth Lord

Grey Wings Cover

In Grey Wings we explore Heaven, Hell and Earth. We meet the inhabitants of these different realms and explore their worlds.

During our time in the world of men we learn that there is much more here than meets the eye and that while men may think they’re alone there is much out there that they do not know. There is magic in the alleyways and legends living on the rooftops and in the sewers. We encounter several mythical creatures, from forgotten fairies to conjuring witches, but one of the most prominent creatures we encounter is the Earth Lord.

But what is the Earth Lord

The Earth Lord is a creature that was originally inspired by elemental trolls in popular culture. He is a large, strong creature, composed of stone, earth and plant life. He resembles a gorilla in stature, although he dwarfs them in size. He rules over the rag-tag group of creatures that have retreated from the surface into the sewers, fleeing man-kind’s destruction of their homes and habitat.

The Earth Lord rose to power many years ago when he challenged the old leader, Aneurin, an elderly Centaur, the last survivor from a Welsh heard. The battle was brief and brutal with the Earth Lord defeating Aneurin with his brute strength and casting him out to the alleyways and rooftops of the city.

He cemented his power through the use of his most powerful allies, the Griffons, and has not been challenged since his take over. He is not a cruel ruler though he is a selfish and conceited one. He often thinks of his own wants and needs before considering those of his people. Fortunately for those who live under his rule their needs often coincide with his.

While the Earth Lord is a formidable opponent and a serious threat to all, even the slightly tumbled Aurelius, he is quick to anger and relies too heavily on his brute strength. An opponent with quick wits and speed would stand a chance of besting him.

To find out more about the Earth Lord and his dealings with Aurelius and Mephistopheles then pick up your very own copy of Grey Wings!

 Grey Wings: Excerpt from Chapter Thirteen

“Fallen,” the voice called his attention and Mephistopheles smiled. The master of this realm was incredibly large, his hulking frame barley fitting into his throne but Mephistopheles only rolled his eyes. Those that thought size was all you needed to be strong were fools and easily dealt with, it was one of the reasons he had come to this place, he needed aid he could control. The lights in the cavern were dull and it was difficult to see, Mephistopheles considered adopting a feline form again but decided against it, this creature clearly measured power by size and sight alone and so appearing as a small black cat would do nothing for his chances of strong arming the creature into working for him.

“Fallen one?” its voice was like gravel falling onto concrete, Mephistopheles flinched and shook his hair over his ears to protect them from the abrasive voice.

“Hail, Earth Lord.” Mephistopheles dipped his head, opening his wings and fanning them down. A vulnerable position for one such as him but also a mark of respect to the one he was commissioning, Mephistopheles always liked to start bargaining with flattery. The hulking creature in front of the Fallen Angel moved slowly with a sound like rocks grinding together. Mephistopheles rolled his eyes, this Earth Lord was still trying to intimidate him, despite his show of polite submission, false though it was.

“May I name you lord?” Mephistopheles said smiling.

“I am Earth lord, that is enough of a name for you,” the hulking mass snarled.

“Then I will call you Earth Lord,” Mephistopheles agreed, he could see the surprise on the Earth Lord’s face, it’s stony eyebrows rose, it’s granite mouth opening showing cracked stone teeth.

“For one such as you to show respect to me and mine is unusual,” The voice was amused, “but I still do not trust.”

“I am not asking you to trust,” Mephistopheles smiled “merely to hear me out.”

“What do I gain from listening to you?” Earth Lord said, it was greedy, Mephistopheles smiled, another advantage to him.

“Knowledge,” Mephistopheles said “knowledge is power, only the most ignorant of fools would not listen to words freely said and you are no fool mighty Earth Lord.” The Earth Lord preened at his honeyed words, Mephistopheles watched as it sat straighter on it’s throne and smiled cruelly at him.

“Then before I listen I want your word that what you say is truth, too often those from above and below have deceived and beguiled those of my kind and I will not allow it to happen to me.” It was the first wise thing the Earth Lord had said, it gave Mephistopheles pause, but only for a moment.

“I give my word that I will speak only truth to you, Earth Lord.” Mephistopheles said, he was usually more wary of giving his word regardless of how cleverly he worded his promise, but for now he was not worried, he had no reason to lie, yet.

“Then I will listen,” Earth Lord leaned back and Mephistopheles smiled again.

“Your world is a half way house of sorts to those of my kind who no longer belong above but are not quite ready for bellow,” Mephistopheles began, Earth Lord gestured for him to hurry his words, turning his hand rapidly.

“I know this well,” Earth Lord said “I do not like it but I tolerate it none the less, they should be grateful to me,” a smaller creature sidled up to the Earth Lord and growled at Mephistopheles who rolled his eyes again but counseled himself to have patience.

“I’m sure they are, Earth Lord,” Mephistopheles said through gritted teeth “one has recently joined their ranks, and it has come to my Great Lord’s attention that we would do well to hurry him bellow, but he may need encouragement.”

“I am always happy to encourage your kind away from my home,” Earth Lord said “but this one, from your tone I gather there is more to it.”

“Force will not work but you need not concern yourself with the Angel, only with his companion.” Mephistopheles began “a mortal boy, small even for his kind, scrawny and easy to dispose of for one such as yourself.”

Grey Wings Cover

Grey Wings

Jason is stranded in a dark city, and is in desperate need of help when he has no idea how he will get home. So, when he collides with Aurelius, an Angel only in the mildest sense of the word – who has committed a crime worthy of great punishment, but has been handed a rare chance at redemption – Jason can see a way home. However, their journey will be hampered by Fallen Angels, Earth Spirits, and Griffons – and none can say if everyone will make it home.

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Praise for Grey Wings

“Relatable and funny”

“There is a natural charm to the book that makes it hard not to love.”

“I welcomed the tug on emotions throughout the story.”

“A great story with a gripping plot.”



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