5 easy ways to reignite your creativity.

In this blog, I will be talking about creativity and sharing my favourite ways to reignite creativity.

“Courage is the most important of all the virtues because, without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.” Maya Angelou

Inspiration is defined as an inspiring or animating action or influence

Inspiration is an extremely important, not just from a writing perspective but an everyday perspective. Inspiration drives us to get up in the morning; inspiration helps us push through those dark days where we feel everything is just too hard.

Inspiration can be found in a variety of places and certainly doesn’t have to be from a single source. My inspiration comes from several places.

Inspiration is different for everyone

Everyone finds inspiration differently, and there is no right or wrong way to find it. No one can tell you what will inspire you; it is something you have to find yourself. Inspiration is everywhere; it’s all around us in music, images, books, nature, the world and the people around us.

As a paralegal in my day job and a writer when I’m not at ‘work’ I find myself in front of a computer screen alone for long hours at a time. So it’s hardly surprising that I find my main source of inspiration is talking with people who have similar interests as me. I always find a good long chat with these people always gets my creative juices flowing.

I have more little tricks up my sleeve to get my creative juices going again.


I have several playlists depending on what I’m trying to write; they are all set up on iTunes for me. My favourite way of listening is to plug in my headphones, crank up the volume and lie back with my eyes closed. This will bring guaranteed success every time (for me at least).


I love pictures, I collect them (and keep meaning to put them in a scrapbook), they are not all related to what I’m writing at any given time, but they usually help, they spark something.

Eat comfort food

I find I’m much more likely to be creative if I’m happy. Cooking myself something yummy, curling up on the sofa, listening to something cool or watching a good film/show makes me happy. Happy Kate writes much more.


Tiredness kills creativity (at least for me) sleep is a gift.


This is less of an option when you don’t get home till late (especially in the winter), but that’s what lunch breaks are for, and weekends. When I walk, I normally have my headphones in, and this always helps. Also, its exercise, so that means you can have cake when you get home!


In conclusion, find the thing that inspires you and hold on to it tight. Return to it time and time again.

“You never have to change anything you got up in the middle of the night to write.” Saul Bellow

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