Events: Melksham Comic Con 2014

I’m back, I have returned from the far away land of Wiltshire, and I come with much news!

Comic Con, Interviews and two new short stories!

First of all Comic Con!

Comic Con was awesome! The variety of exhibitors and guests was absolutely astounding. The diversity of what is on offer considering the size of the con is unbelievable. The decision to stretch it over two days was a good one, it allowed an even pace, and gave the con the flexibility to provide so much and keep the relaxed and friendly environment. This was the second time I have had the chance to go to Melksham Comic Con, but my first time as an exhibitor and I have to say that I had more fun as an exhibitor (although cosplaying Harley Quinn last year did rock). I got a small taste of how much work must go into putting a con this great together.


Arriving early Saturday morning we got to meet the other exhibitors and some of the guests, along with the veritable army of Brian’s who were always on hand to make sure all is well. Getting ready was much more chaotic than I expected, there was a manic energy running through the whole con as everyone tried desperately to get everything perfect before the early ticket holders came in. My own preparations were done as much as possible before I arrived (setting up signs etc. ) but once everything was on the table, I couldn’t seem to stop myself fidgeting with it all. I drove myself nuts with it.

The table

I shared a table with the wonderful Jan Doncom, who was selling her book Queen of Alendeortor and promoting her absolutely superb web site Original Spellying

Jan and Kate! Meanwhile, I was promoting my debut novel Grey Wings, and my two short stories Secrets of Hidden Places and My Name is Jessica. This was the first time ‘Secrets’, and ‘Jessica’ were available in print! They are now available on Amazon, more on this later. The first day went so fast, Grey Wings was more popular than I expected it to be and it was an absolute joy to see people show enthusiasm and excitement for it. It was so much fun; I was outright giddy whenever anyone picked it up. I think I probably talked people’s ears off and by the end of the first day, I was a curious mixture of happy, excited and utterly exhausted.

I have to admit that I avoided the mid-con party (and the after party) but managed a mid-con chill-out (with tasty beverages) with my fellow exhibitors Jan and Tom, and an after con party with my awesome family.

Arriving on Sunday morning after checking on the table Jan, Tom and I headed off for a quick fried breakfast at the local Weatherspoons (a much-needed necessity, believe me), before going (waddling) back to the con just in time for the opening.


Sunday went even quicker than Saturday and Jan, and I decided to experiment with Grey Wingssome mix and match offers (totally Toms idea) which were well received (huzzah) and will be repeated next year. It was sad to see the clock tick down to the end of the day on Sunday. Even more heartbroken to say goodbye (I hate and suck at goodbyes) to the other exhibitors. It was an amazing experience, one I will defiantly be repeating next year.

My favourite part has to be (predictably) having the opportunity to sell my books face to face. It’s an incredible experience to actually meet the people buying my books rather than just seeing reports on Amazon. It was also great to be able to spend two whole days talking to people about things I love.

Second of all, Interviews!

As I said above, I shared the exhibition table with my peer and good friend Jan Doncom and while we were singing our ‘wares’ praises we were also having a nice long talk. We got onto the topic of Google hang out interviews and how cool they are.

The short of it being that I have had the absolute pleasure of being interviewed for Original Spellying.

Third of all, Short stories!

As I said before, My Name is Jessica, and The Secrets of Hidden Places made their debut at Melksham Comic Con. They were available in paperback form, but are now available on Amazon in E-Book format!

My Name Is JessicaJessica

In a post-apocalyptic world Jessica discovers that she could be the key to saving (what’s left of) mankind.

Amazon UK £0.77

Amazon COM $1.00


The Secrets of Hidden Places

Secrets On visiting a strange festival, Melanie wanders to places no one should go.

Amazon UK £0.77

Amazon COM $0.99


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