Grey Wings: Species – Angels

Grey Wings Cover

In this blog, I want to tell you about the creatures you will find in Grey Wings, in particular, the different types of angels.


One of the species we encounter in Grey Wings is the Angels. Angels live in Heaven, Earth and Hell, although more live in Hell now than ever before. Since the Arch Angel Gabriel started banishing First and Second Class Angels for trifling errors in his panic to prevent a second rebellion.

The Fallen Angels who live in Hell have changed a great deal since their days in Heaven, their wings have turned black and some have developed other physical oddities, like Mephistopheles’ horns. But the most fundamental difference is what happens when they become enraged. A Fallen Angel will twist and change until they are as warped outside as they have become inside.

Three classes

In Heaven, there are three classes of Angel, the Arch Angels, First Class Angels, and Second Class Angels.

The Arch Angels, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel are the strongest Angels in Heaven and rule without challenge. First Class Angels are each under the command of one of the three Arch Angels. Each First Class Angel is assigned a place under their Arch Angel, like Aurelius who is Third to Michael. First Class Angels are not as strong as the Arch Angels they follow but are still formidable, and each is able to forge items from raw Heavenly energy, such as when Aurelius creates his bow from Heavens light.

Below the First class Angel’s are the Second Class Angels. Second Class Angels are Angels who were created to fulfil a single purpose. Like the Guardian Angel’s created to watch over man, and like Raziel who was created to bring people joy. Second Class Angels lack the power of the Arch Angels and the First Class Angel’s, none was made for war.

The final class of Angel live on Earth and these are the Seraphs. Seraph’s exist for the sole purpose of guiding those who have died too the tunnel, thus preventing the Souls of men becoming trapped on Earth. They are the simplest of all Angel’s and some doubt they can even speak.

Grey Wings Cover

Grey Wing: Chapter Twelve Excerpt

The building in front of him was large and strange to his eyes, it was symmetrical, square doors, square windows, all uniform, exactly the same. It reeked of humans, sickness and injury but there were Angels here, he could smell them. He could smell seraphs, seraphs were young Angels with simple thoughts and kind hearts, they were made for the sole purpose of escorting Souls to the Tunnel. Aurelius in his excitement let out a small sound of joy a when he saw one standing in the entrance to the largest building. Stopping and pulling himself up to his full height, straightened his rags and walked calmly forward. The seraphs turned to walk away before Aurelius reached him completely ignoring him, with a frown Aurelius followed it inside calling out.

“Greetings seraph,” Aurelius said, walking level with the smaller Angel “I assume you…” He stopped when the other paid him no attention, “seraph!” again there was no response “I am Aurelius, Third to…” again he was ignored, Aurelius stomped up the stairs after the seraphs, he grabbed at the young Angel only to find his hands went straight through him, cursing he still followed, not knowing what else to do “I said I am Aurelius, the Lord of Water and Air, Third to Michael, Lord Marshal of Heaven and Field Commander of the Army of God. You will answer me seraph!” He was only millimetres away from the other Angel as he bellowed but it still paid him no heed. Pulling at his hair he grabbed at the first thing he could, which happened to be a tray resting on a small table, he lifted and threw it.  The tray went through the seraph, and struck a window, the window shattered upon impact, the tingling came back on his wings and Aurelius cursed again.

With a soft sigh and his eyes downcast, Aurelius followed the other Angel into a room that was filled with children. The room was large with wide windows, it was brightly lit and coloured with bright multi-coloured paints, but it smelt of illness and death. Aurelius waited fidgeting at the door peeking around the frame. The other entered without hesitation. All the children fell silent as the seraph entered, it donned on Aurelius then that the children could see the seraphs. The seraphs paid them little attention, save from a smile to those who reached out to touch him, it walked directly to the table where a boy was playing with blocks. The boy was small and painfully thin, he had tubes in his arms and wires that ran from his chest to a machine. The seraph smiled wider and sat with the boy, the boy smiled back and offered a block to the seraph who reached to take it. The boy let go of the block it fell through the seraph’s hand and clattered to the floor, the machine beeped wildly and the boy fell backwards, much like the block he struck the tiled floor. Nurses poured into the room and lifted the boy, the seraph rose and walked with them as they rushed the boy out of the room.

Grey Wings

Jason is stranded in a dark city, and is in desperate need of help when he has no idea how he will get home. So, when he collides with Aurelius, an Angel only in the mildest sense of the word – who has committed a crime worthy of great punishment, but has been handed a rare chance at redemption – Jason can see a way home. However, their journey will be hampered by Fallen Angels, Earth Spirits, and Griffons – and none can say if everyone will make it home.

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Praise for Grey Wings

“Relatable and funny”

“There is a natural charm to the book that makes it hard not to love.”

“I welcomed the tug on emotions throughout the story.”

“A great story with a gripping plot.”


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