GREY WINGS: Grey Wings has been released!

New Grey Wings Cover

Grey Wings is now officially released!

You can’t see me, but I’m totally doing a happy dance.


Jason is stranded in a dark city and is in desperate need of help when he has no idea how he will get home.

So, when he collides with Aurelius, an Angel only in the mildest sense of the word – who has committed a crime worthy of great punishment, but has been handed a rare chance at redemption – Jason can see a way home.

However, their journey will be hampered by Fallen Angels, Earth Spirits, and Griffons – and none can say if everyone will make it home.

Preview the story here and see the characters here.

Pick up your very own copy!

Amazon UK paperback

Amazon USA Paperback

Barnes & Noble paperback

Smashwords E-Book

Kindle COMING SOON! (For those of you who purchased the paperback from Amazon, this will be a FREE download!)

Thank you

Uncountable thanks go to Dream State Drive Publishing and the amazing Mr Chivers, who is a lifesaver. Literally. Thank you for believing in this project and in me.

Thanks to the great Anne Robinson, who has no limit to her awesomeness. Thank you for listening to the endless “Do you think Jason would say….”, and the “Perhaps it would be better if….” And never losing patience or giving me funny looks. Without your help and support, this project just could not exist.

Thank you to all the people who over the years have read over chapters and listened to my long winded thinking out loud rants. You are too numerous to name but you know who you are and you will be receiving cake…eventually.

I suppose I should also thank Mikho, despite her being no help what so ever. But she makes me smile and brings me little grotesque presents.


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