Snippet stories: Ink


The Fairy was watching a mortal be tattooed.

The method was very different to how they did it in the Realms. The results were different as well; these men had the ink sit lifelessly in their skin. In the Realms, a tattoo was much more than a drawing. It was a life form in your skin, sentient and independent.

Adrian had a lunar moth done when he was 28. He had asked for it on the shoulder, but now 372 years later it mostly dwelt on his hip. It often crawled, tiny feet biting into his skin and bone, but it was not painful. Now that he was conscious of it and he could feel it twitching. It seemed it could feel his focus on it and it moved around to crouch on his left buttock, hiding from his attention.

Katie Marie wrote a Book. A big one and a couple of little ones. Check them out!


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